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October 2017

Welcome to the Autumn edition of the Apostles’ Residents Association Newsletter, with some important local information, dates for your diaries plus some interesting historical information.



The issue of Wheelie Bins continues to be a hotly debated topic, with many Apostles’ residents unhappy about the proposed plans which are due to come into effect in October 2018.  In order to discuss the concerns of residents, Chris Larkman and Peter Fischer, representing the ARA, met with Cllr Ross Garod, Cabinet Member for Street Cleanliness and Parking, and Charles Baker, Commissioning Manager for Public Spaces, on 23 August 2017. 


To remind residents, the proposed plan from the council is as follows:


  • Food waste (collected weekly)
  • Household waste (landfill) Wheelie Bin (collected on alternate weeks)
  • Paper and card recycling Wheelie Bin (collected on alternate weeks)
  • Green / lilac recycling box for dry recyclable materials such as plastic, glass and cans (collected on alternate weeks)


The exact method of collection is likely to be that two separate vehicles will collect the waste.  One will collect paper and card plus food waste, the other will collect household waste (landfill). On the alternate week a single vehicle collects food waste and dry recyclables.


To lessen the negative impact this will have on our properties, Chris and Peter proposed the introduction of shorter bins which was rejected outright as the lorries collecting the bins require them to be a standard height.  However, there may be a compromise with residents being able to request slimmer bins once the scheme has been put in place as these can still be collected by the lorries.  During the meeting, Cllr Garod was quite open in saying his primary concern was to do away with black bag collections and the fox damage that often results. He is of the view that this is more important than the visual impact on our properties and streets.


Chris and Peter also pointed out the impending disruption in the streets during collections.  However, they pointed out that over a two week period there would be a total of three lorries as opposed to the current six (although food waste is currently collected by a small vehicle with little disruption).  It was also pointed out that the new collections would take significantly longer, causing increased disruption in our streets. 


Was the meeting worthwhile?  The answer is that whilst the ARA did not win any significant concessions, we have made direct contact with key players in the Council responsible for waste disposal and they know that we’re monitoring the situation carefully.  Do let us know if you have any concerns, comments or suggestions on the Wheelie Bin proposal.


In addition, if you are anti-Wheelie Bin, you can also get involved in the ‘No Wheelies Please’ campaign which is being run by a local Apostles resident.  Go to for further information.




Still on the subject of street cleaning, since the street cleaning contract was awarded to Veolia from Merton Council, we’ve noticed a significant decline in the levels of street cleaning, particularly after bin collection day on a Tuesday.  We’re working hard to try to address this with Veolia and the council, however, this is likely to be a slow process.  One thing we do know is that they do respond to pressure, so do please use the form on the website to notify them that your street needs cleaning.  Go to You can also order a replacement of the existing recycling boxes (that now have a lid) if yours is broken.




Below is an update on two planning applications that are relevant to The Apostles:


Dundonald Church 577 Kingston Road SW20 8SA (application no: 17/P0763).  This was due to be decided at a planning committee meeting on 21 September.  However there was insufficient time to deal with it so it will therefore go to the next committee meeting. Officers have recommended it for approval subject to completion of a Section 106 agreement with conditions.


Spink / Access / Manuplastics site - 579-589 Kingston Road SW20 8SD (application no: 17/P2529).  The scheme was initially re-submitted as 16/P1208 with a small reduction in the number of flats proposed by removing a block adjacent to the Dundonald Church site and providing more open space. It was registered in August 2017 and is unlikely go to planning committee before November at the earliest.




We had hoped to receive the proposals for CrossRail 2 by now.  The General Election appears to have delayed their publication.  As soon as we get some news we will let you know and invite you to any public consultation.





Some of you may have noticed some changes around the south side of the Skew Arch on Kingston Road with the laying of some astro-turf.  The Raynes Park Association has been instrumental in making this area as attractive and usable as possible so it becomes a focal point for the local community. 




Without doubt, trees make the world a better place.  Not only do they look good, they contribute significantly to the environment.  Which is why we’re planning on spending some of the subs we’ve collected over the last few years on planting some extra trees in The Apostles.  Working with the Merton Tree Warden, we’re identifying where we can plant new trees, using pre-dug holes as it’s more cost-effective.  The plan is to plant at least one tree in each street in alphabetical order.  Because we only have a limited budget, we’re contacting local businesses to see if they are able to contribute to the funds.  If you’d like to make a voluntary contribution, however small, to the Apostles’ Tree Fund, then either contact your road rep or pay the contribution direction into Apostles Residents Association, account no 02383523, sort code 30-99-66




Are you currently on maternity leave, shortly expecting a baby or have little ones at home?

Then come and join the Apostles’ Parents & Baby Group so you can get together with other local mums and dads.  The group is run by Rebecca who is the road rep for Carlton Park Avenue.   Please send an email to to find out more.




Find out what it was like to live in The Apostles during WWII by reading ‘War and the price of cat-fish’ on  These diaries detail the everyday life of Fred French, who lived in Chestnut Road, during WWII.  Against the backdrop of significant world events, ‘Uncle Fred’ goes about his daily life as he struggles with rationing and keeping his house repaired. 




The Raynes Park Christmas Festival will be even bigger and better this year with carol singing, Christmas lights and more local shops and cafes getting involved in the festivities.  Come and join in the fun on Friday 1 December from 3pm until 7pm!




The Apostles Residents Association was formed with the aim of protecting and enhancing the local environment and to promote the interests of the local community.  For further information please go to or follow us on Twitter - @ApostlesSW20 or on Facebook



How do I support the association?

To become a member, please contact your road rep. The fee is £4 per annum and £2 for pensioners and those out of work. If you would like to pay your subscription by bank transfer, please transfer to: Apostles Residents Association, account no 02383523, sort code 30-99-66 and put your address as the reference.  There are many ways you can get involved in the association, outside of being a road rep, and it’s a great way of meeting local residents and being part of the community.  If you are interested in getting involved please contact your road rep and let them know.


Who is my road rep?


Chairman – Aprill Barry, Carlton Park Avenue


Vice-Chairman – Michael Bull, Kingston Road


Treasurer – Peter Compton, Sydney Road


Membership Secretary – Jenny Irvine, Clifton Park Avenue


Minutes Secretary – VACANT


Gore Road - Luciano Perestrelo


Clifton Park Avenue - Jenny Irvine


Aston Road - Simon


Prince George's Avenue - Hein Victor


Carlton Park Avenue - Rebecca


Vernon Avenue - Edward Clark


Edna Road - Nick Radlo


Dorien Road - Martin Geoghegan


Dupont Road - Michael Bull & Tina Osborne


Sydney Road - Peter Compton


Chestnut Road – Jane


Bronson Road - Rae Davies

Anyone interested in advertising in the newsletter should contact Martin on

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