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The Apostles Residents Association aims to protect and enhance the local environment and promote the interests of the local community.

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To become a member, please contact your road rep. The fee is £4 per annum and £2 for pensioners and those out of work. If you would like to pay your subscription by bank transfer, please transfer to: Apostles Residents Association, account no 02383523, sort code 30-99-66 and put your address as the reference.


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The Apostles Residents Association has set up a support network in each street.  This means there is help for anyone who needs it (e.g. emergency shopping, picking up medicines, a chat on the phone).  You should have received a note through your door.  If you need further information, please contact your road rep.

The threat of conversion of traditional Apostles terrace houses into two flats


As many Apostles residents will know, the ARA was set up in the 1980s to campaign against conversion of typical Apostles 2 bedroom Edwardian terrace houses into two separate flats. Over the years subsequent council planning policies have for the most part prevented such conversions. It was therefore a shock to find that in late 2019 such a conversion was permitted as being in accordance with the council’s current Local Development Framework (LDF) Core Planning Strategy, which was adopted in 2011 (36 Aston Road Planning Application Number 19/P2715).


To some of us the wording in the document is not sufficiently clear, given the council’s stated shortage of ‘family’ sized homes and the preponderance of one and two bedroom dwellings being built throughout the borough.


As a consequence, a survey has been carried out - see below - by some ARA committee members of all the properties in the area served by the ARA to establish as accurately as possible the breakdown of dwellings by their size in terms of bedrooms per dwelling. This survey has been produced in order to make the case to the council that, in terms of its own housing policies, it is detrimental to convert 2 bedroom Apostles terraced houses into two individual flats.


This decision to carry out the survey was welcomed by council planning officers and the survey has been submitted to the council in the expectation that it will influence a more clearly worded housing policy in the revised LDF which is currently being developed for adoption in the next couple of years.

ARA Dwelling Type Survey Aug 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [39.9 KB]

Merton has now (January 2001) produced its draft Local Plan for consultation.  

The draft Plan certainly does not go far enough to protect our properties.  Accordingly we have made the following submission to Merton.  Thanks to Peter Fischer, local resident, for the hard work he has done in preparing our response.

ARA local plan response.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [27.4 KB]



Merton Council yet again is looking to increase our parking charges. 


Have you, like many of us, been baffled by the notices which have been posted on lampposts?  To read more and to participate in the consultation go to:


You will recall that just last year the Council doubled all our charges – on the basis that it would encourage us not to use our cars.  The Association formally objected to this increase a) because this additional ‘tax’ does not apply to those with their own driveway or who live in a non-CPZ area and b) because the CPZ charges (we were told) were about paying the Council for managing the parking arrangements – and not to be used as a tax.


The Council is now proposing to charge for resident permits depending on the CO2 emissions of your vehicle.  (You will find the CO2 emissions level of your car in your Log Book.)


Many – though not all – will discover that the proposals mean a further increase in their annual charge.


Changes are also proposed to the visitor scratch cards.  Until a year ago they were set at £1.50 for half day and £2.50 for a whole day.  A year ago they were increased to £3 & £4.  They now propose to phase out scratch cards altogether and replace them with online permits – again based on the emissions of the vehicle being parked.  The cost for a small car will be £4.75 per day or any part thereof.  But we will be paying a lot more for our builders’ vans…


The ARA has submitted a response opposing all these changes.


9 November 2020



The latest news is that work should commence at the beginning of 2021.  We will be watching this development carefully and making sure there is minimal disruption to those living close by.  

Are you currently on maternity leave, shortly expecting a baby or have little ones at home?
Rebecca from Carlton Park Avenue has set up an Apostles mother and baby group and/or meet ups.
Please text her on 07861 684341 if you would like to be involved.



It now appears increasingly unlikely that the CrossRail2 Project will not go ahead in the foreseeable future.  CrossRail has gone way opver budget, and post Covid there will be no money left in the kitty for such a develoment.  


The event is always a great success and Raynes Park comes alive.  

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