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The Apostles Residents' Association


The Apostles Residents Association aims to protect and enhance the local environment and promote the interests of the local community.

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How do I Join?

To become a member, please contact your road rep. The fee is £4 per annum and £2 for pensioners and those out of work. If you would like to pay your subscription by bank transfer, please transfer to: Apostles Residents Association, account no 02383523, sort code 30-99-66 and put your address as the reference.



On Thursday 30 November, there were 4 burglaries in the Apostles area: 2 in Carlton Park Avenue, 1 in Prince George's Avenue and 1 nearby in Abbott Avenue.  Please heed the police advice below.  The thieves gained entry by smashing the back doors.  The thefts took place between 11.00 and 19.15.  This now makes 10 burgaries in our area in the past week.


On Friday 24th November there were 6 burglaries in the Apostle roads – 2 in Vernon Avenue, 2 in Dupont Road and 1 in both Carlton Park Avenue and Clifton Park Avenue.  Most of these have had entry gained from the rear of the property.  Some have been via alleyways that run behind the properties.

Act now to keep your properties safe.  


·         Burglars can get in through windows as well as doors. Fit deadbolts to both – and remember to lock them.


·         The nights are getting longer. Make your home look occupied; use timer lights especially if you are going to be out of the property when it becomes dark. Remember to cancel deliveries if you’re going away.


·         1 in 5 burgled homes in London in the last year had been left insecure.


·         Don’t ‘advertise’ your goods. Always keep valuables like tablets, laptops and bags out of sight from windows and store keys away from the letterbox.


·         Make sure your locks are strong enough to keep burglars out.


·         Keep gates, sheds and garages locked and don’t leave tools lying around as they can be used to break in.


For more advice on how to keep your home safe, visit


Alleyways are a vulnerable point of entry to any surrounding houses in an area with an alleyway - suspects can enter the alleyway and if necessary garden hop to find a vulnerable property.  Alley gating is a crime prevention measure which involves putting up security gates at the entrance to alleyways and passages. The gates are effective at preventing fly-tipping in alleyways and also helping to reduce the levels of burglaries.

Please follow the link for Merton Council alley gate scheme - 




Take a look at the start of making this area look nice!



Very little information from CR2 has been forthcoming since the public consultation at the end of 2015  / early 2016.


The confidential Strategic Business Case, requested by the National Infrastructure Commission, was submitted to Government by March 2017


Following the snap general election, Liz Truss, in her new role as chief secretary to the Treasury, announced that she is responsible for public expenditure on infrastructure, including, amongst other things, CR2.


Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, then had a meeting with Sadiq Kahn, the Mayor for London, at which CR2 was discussed.


The Transport Secretary agreed that London needs new infrastructure. However, London would need to fund half of the up-front costs. He and the Mayor for London agreed to work together to see how this might be accomplished.


Reading between the lines, it seems likely that the crux of the Business Case was that London’s contribution was planned, at least in part, to come from downstream development revenues, whilst the Government had the greater share of the capital cost.


There is also the geographic complication that much of the economic benefits of CR2 would probably arise outside the GLA area, whilst the bulk of the costs are within the Major’s jurisdiction.


Until these financial matters are resolved, further public consultation and safeguarding matters are on hold. Perhaps the forthcoming Budget, scheduled for 22 November 2017, may trigger something.



Chris Larkman and Peter Fischer, representing the ARA, met with Cllr Ross Garod, Cabinet Member for Street Cleanliness and Parking, and Charles Baker, Commissioning Manager for Public Spaces, on 23 August 2017 to discuss concerns expressed by local people about the planned implementation of Wheelie Bins in October 2018.


Charles explained the Council’s plans of which most of us are already aware:


Each household will have 2 wheelie bins, one for household waste and one for paper and card recycling.  The existing green recycling boxes will still be used for plastic, glass and cans. Food waste will be collected weekly.  Household waste and dry recyclable items will be collected on alternative weeks.


We showed them a picture of one of our streets and the front gardens and made the point that their planned wheelie bin regime will ruin the appearance of our streets.  We asked if they could consider some sort of compromise to limit the visual damage e.g. lower bins.  We were told that it would not be possible to reduce the height of the bins, as the lorries collecting the waste require them to be of a standard height.  It would, however, be possible to arrange for a slimmer bin if this met the resident’s needs.  They would start by providing standard sized bins and it would then be up to individuals to apply for slimmer ones.  (They said they would be reluctant to start with the slimmer bins in case people subsequently discovered they needed a bigger one.)  


In terms of the disruption caused in the streets during collections, they pointed out that over a 2 week period there would be a total of 3 lorries as opposed to the current 6.  (The food waste which is currently a separate collection would be taken up at the same time and in the same lorry as one of the other collections.)  We made the point that the new collections would take longer, causing increased disruption to vehicles entering and leaving our streets.


We also showed them photos of the dreadful state of one of our streets after a recent rubbish collection.  We were informed that it is indeed the rubbish collectors’ responsibility to deal with any rubbish caused as part of their collection process.  They noted this was not happening for us and promised to follow this up. We also made a complaint at the standard of street cleaning.  Again they promised to follow this up.


Was our meeting worthwhile?  The answer, I suppose, is that we did not win any significant concessions.  (We did not realistically anticipate any potential for reversing the wheelie bin project.)  On the positive side, we have made direct contact with key players in the Council responsible for waste disposal and they know that we’re monitoring the local situation carefully.  Both Ross and Charles said they would be happy to attend a meeting of local residents if we wished to invite them.  


Meanwhile, please make sure you report to the Council aby concerns (together if possible with photos) of any litter in our streets – especially after the dustman have been.  You can do this by going on to the LB Merton website and the ‘Report It’ form.  

By the way, you can always order from the Council a replacement of the existing bins – now with a lid – if yours is broken.  


See also previous correspondence betweeen the ARA & LB Merton.

Are you currently on maternity leave, shortly expecting a baby or have little ones at home?
Rebecca who is the road rep for Carlton Park Avenue is keen to set up an Apostles mother and baby group and/or meet ups.
Please send her an email to if you would like to be involved.



Dundonald Church, 577 Kingston Road, plans to knock down the present structure and replace it with a more permanent building comprising a church with residential units above.  Go to their website for more information.


The event is always a great success and Raynes Park comes alive.  These photos are from the 2015 event.

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