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Raynes Park Community Forum

10 June 2021

Chair’s Report


The meeting was held via Zoom, and chaired by Councillor Nick McLean with Chris Edge from the Raynes Park Association (RPA). Sixteen residents and five councillors attended on Zoom with 43 additional views on YouTube. The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained how the meeting would work.  


Chris Edge thanked Peter Fisher and Jane Plant and for their long service to the Raynes Park community who are moving out of the area.



Station, Street Management & RP Improvements 


Chris Larkman said that the RPA is still trying to persuade Workspace to take responsibility for the Kiss and Ride. Both embankments are in a mess with rubbish on the south side; Network Rail (NR) have promised to clear up but we will keep pressurising. NR are still delaying the transfer of land south of the station. 


Tony Edwards explained that a Parklet takes over road space to allow for extended seating for café/restaurant.An option in Raynes Park is by the Skew Arch but would require TfL to give up a bus parking space. RPA is not sure there is any other viable local space in the area but welcomes suggestions. Matthew Willis said Future Merton have been looking at having a coffee van or food truck use a Parklet.


Matthew Willis had suggested a mural on the skew arch via Next Door and a vote was taking place on the two designs although the final decision will sit with NR as they are funding the scheme. The designs are attached to this report.   



Planning Update 


Neil Milligan was unable to attend or provide an update due to staffing issues.


A resident asked about the Manuplastics site. Cllr Crowe said they have planning permission for 160 units and now up to the developer to progress the work. Cllr Fairclough said the developer had appealed to against a decision to turn down additional units. 


A resident asked if Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) can be used for temporary structures as at Hartfield Walk. Details of the criteria for CIL can be found at and there is no specific restriction on temporary structures. The decision to fund the works at Hartfield Walk was taken at Cabinet on 7 September 2020 and related to the CIL contribution from the Plough Lane Stadium Development. 



Optimal Aging 


Dr Phoebe Wright, and Jen Kaye, Darzi Fellows with Central London Community Healthcare Trust gave a presentation on Optimal Aging. The presentation is attached to this report.


They are looking at the health of older people in Merton which is set to increase over the next decade. The health of older people has also deteriorated as a result of lockdown. The project aims to increase the healthy span, the period of time where people are healthy, rather than the overall life span. Age does not cause major problems until over 90 but it does impact on abilities and resilience. Narrowing of the fitness gap can help preventable decease. There is also a need to address attitudes and culture. 


The work in Merton and Wandsworth has three strands:

  • Optimal Aging Content
  • A digital platform called WISH (Wellness Interactive Support Hub)
  • A Live Longer Better professional network


The pilot testing of WISH will involve up to 380 patients over 65 including those at the Nelson practice. Participants will provide feedback on the platform. 


The study is also looking at end of life planning, looking at practical issues like will planning and healthcare issues like decisions to refuse treatment. Dr Wright asked residents to feedback on their thoughts on end of life planning. Resident’s feedback included:

  • Losing a relative had prompted a rethink and actions
  • Considering organ donation as this is still an option in old age
  • Creating a death file for relatives
  • Not having immediate family nearby makes the situation more complicated as is health emergencies if single.  

Dr Wright said it was always an option to discuss issues with your GP or other health professionals. Dr Wright is interviewing people about their plans and if you would like to be involved please email


The project is looking at how the use of technology can help. There has been an explosion in the use of technology but take up is much lower for over 75s. The project aims to look at the benefits and barriers to use of technology. Jen has been having discussions with groups about access and is happy to attend any local groups. 


Residents talked about the benefits of using fitness trackers and voice activated devices. A resident asked if technology was really the solution and Jen said it is part of the solution as if it can give information and empower people but not the only solution. A resident asked if the project was linked in with local groups. Dr Wright said they are working with a range of organisations including Age UK Merton, Wimbledon Guild, and the Social Prescribing Team. It is vital to ensure there is local information on WISH that can build local connections. If the findings show the project is successful it can be rolled out across GP practices.   



Any other business


Your Merton:


Kris Witherington, Merton Council, gave a presentation on the Your Merton engagement programme. The aim is to build a detailed understanding of resident & community priorities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. By seeking views from all parts of our community the aim is to create a comprehensive, professional engagement that provides genuine insight from residents, communities, service users and hard-to-reach groups. This will provide an updated set of insight showing changes to previous perceptions and future priorities which will support the development of future corporate plan for the borough. The programme asks about places that are important, your daily life, the impact of the pandemic, and your ambitions for the future. We have conducted a large scale telephone survey, have developed an interactive website and will be working with community groups to hold targeted focus groups. Residents are encouraged to complete the website by going to by 7 July and to share this with their friends, family and local networks. 



2023 Boundary Commission Review:


The Boundary Commission for England is consulting on proposed revisions to the parliamentary boundaries for 2023. For the Wimbledon constituency the major changes is Cannon Hill ward moving to Mitcham and Morden while two wards from Kingston, St James and Old Malden, will join the constituency. To comment on the proposals please go to by 2 August


Merton Green Streets, Cllr David Dean introduced this volunteer-led initiative by local residents and businesses to make our streets greener. The group is providing trees, bushes and plants to encourage planting, provide education and increase skills. They want to build up a structure to develop confidence in the organisation. The benefits included reducing pollution and tackling climate change. If you want to give time or skills to help please volunteer. The next planting date is 19 June and details can be found at As an example there is a new wildflower meadow on the Chase. Street trees involve the council and are more complex but there are still lots of other places to plant. Cllr Dean thanked the volunteers who have been involved to date.  


A resident asked about driveway conversions and removal of trees. Cllr Dean suggested contacting local councillors with specific issues.  


Cllr McLean thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting



Date of next meeting:


Future meetings: 

All at 7.15pm in Raynes Park Library, subject to COVID-19 restrictions: 

  • Thursday 16 September 2021 
  • Thursday 2 December 2021 
  • Tuesday 22 March 2022 


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