The Apostles Residents' Association
The Apostles Residents' Association





The name of the Association shall be the "Apostles Residents Association".


The objectives of the Association shall be :

i) The promotion and protection of the amenities and character of the area (hereinafter called "the area") made up of the following roads:

Gore Road Clifton Park Avenue

Aston Road Prince George's Avenue

Carlton Park Avenue Vernon Avenue

Edna Road Dorien Road

Dupont Road Sydney Road

Chestnut Road Bronson Road

and also the parts of Bushey Road & Kingston Road immediately adjacent to the above roads.

ii) The furnishing of advice and assistance to persons proposing or opposing developments in or near the area.


Membership shall be open to all persons resident in the area.


Election of members shall be automatic upon payment of subscription.


Members shall pay an annual subscription to be determined by resolution at the Annual General Meeting. Members who are Senior Citizens or unwaged shall pay a reduced subscription to be determined by resolution at the Annual General Meeting. Membership by one person in a household entitles all other members of that household to individual membership. The reduced rate applies to households where all members fall under the categories of Senior Citizen or unwaged. The subscription shall be payable on joining or on 1st July each year.

Special Levy

The Committee may from time to time raise, with the approval of Members in General Meeting, additional finance for particular purposes by way of special levy.


A Member may resign by notice in writing to the secretary but shall not be entitled to a refund of any subscriptions paid.


The Committee may remove from membership any Member whose annual subscription of contribution towards a special levy is in arrear for more than three months after demand.

Annual Meeting

An Annual General Meeting of Members shall be held in May or June of each year (or as soon thereafter as the Committee may determine). At least fourteen days notice thereof shall be given to Members. With such notice shall be sent a summary of the accounts of the Association, and an agenda for the meeting.


The affairs of the Association shall be under the management and control of the Committee.


There shall be a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Treasurer, and a Secretary of the Association who shall retire annually but who shall be eligible for re-election. The Officers of the Association shall be ex-officio members of the Committee.

Road Representatives

There shall be a Road Representative for each of the twelve roads in the area. These representatives shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election. These representatives shall also be ex-offiicio members of the Committee.

Election of Officers and Committee

A candidate for election as an Officer of the Association or a Road Representative may be nominated by any Member either by notice in writing to the Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting or by verbal notice given at such meeting prior to such election.

Casual Vacancies

The Committee shall have power to act, notwithstanding any vacancy in their body or in any office, and to fill any such vacancy and to co-opt from time to time any Member; but the person appointed to fill such vacancy or so co-opted shall retire at the next Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election.

Meetings of Committee

The Committee may meet for the transaction of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate its meeting as it shall think fit. The Chairman or in his absence, the Vice Chairman, shall take the chair, but, if both be absent, the Committee shall choose one of its number to be Chairman of the Meeting. Any question shall be decided by a majority of votes, the Chairman having a casting vote.

General Meetings

The Committee may from time to time convene a General Meeting of Members for the consideration of such business as it shall think fit. Save in the case of any Annual General Meeting the length and manner of notice of any General Meeting shall be as determined by the Committee.


Any question arising at General Meeting (including the election of Officers and of the Committee) shall be determined by a majority of votes either by show of hands of by ballot as the Chairman shall rule.

In the case of equality the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Committee shall also be empowered to submit to Members any resolution for voting by postal ballot and the votes so cast shall have the same effect as if cast in General Meeting.


The quorum for any General Meeting shall be fifteen and for any Committee Meeting four.


Minutes of all proceedings at General Meetings and at Committee Meetings shall be kept and any minutes signed by the Chairman of such meeting or of the next succeeding Meeting shall be prima facie evidence of the validity of such proceedings. Such minutes shall be made available to Members upon request.

Amendment of Rules

The Members in General Meeting shall have power by resolution to alter, rescind or add to the Rules of the Association.

Assistance to Members

The Committee shall have power to furnish assistance (financial or otherwise) to any Member involved in any matters which relate to the objectives of the Association and which it may consider to be of common interest to Members generally.

Employment of adviser

The Committee shall have power to employ and to remunerate any professional adviser notwithstanding that he may be a Member of the Association.


No Member of the Committee or Officer of the Association shall be answerable for any loss, misfortune or damage which may happen in the execution or purported execution of his duties or in relation thereto unless the same shall happen through his dishonesty.


The inadvertent failure to serve a Member with any notice required to be given under these rules shall not invalidate any proceedings in respect of which such notice is given.

Winding Up

The Members may in General Meeting resolve that the Association be wound up. In that event any surplus funds standing to the credit of the Association after all liabilities have been met may be donated to such local Charity or Charities as the Committee shall think fit.

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