The Apostles Residents' Association
The Apostles Residents' Association
Bronson Road

ROAD REP - Rae Davies, 83 Bronson Road. 020 8540 2516


Bronson Road Residents Businesses

This list represents residents of the street who wish to let others know about any business activity or enterprise they manage. Inclusion does not represent any form of endorsement or recommendation.

Interior Design  To create beautiful interiors that bring elegance, charm and personality to each detail and room sometimes we need a little help from an expert.  From choosing an exciting colour scheme to finding the perfect piece of furniture,  I will help you create your dream interior.  I offer a fixed fee or an hourly rate basis.  Please contact me for a personal, professional and reliable service that will deliver high quality design to suit your taste, lifestyle, timeline and budget.

Seaside Villa in Portugal, 1A Bronson Road. Suzanne Barnes rents out a villa in Portugal. For details go to If you contact her directly, she will offer Bronson Road residents a £50 discount (except in July and August).

Looking After Each Other

Young Children and Their Parents. Faye offers support for young families, particularly those new to the street. She may also able to help by making suggestions for babysitters.

Take a look at the information leaflet for parents with young children.

Faye Howard, 21 Bronson Road 020 8417 0710 / 07920 440920

Occasional Tasks. We set up a Project to give a hand to a neighbour in need, for example emergency shopping (e.g. when sick), lifts (e.g. to visit someone in hospital), basic gardening (for people unable to do it), taking in parcels, taking waste to the Council dump, providing a meal, odd small handyperson jobs. These are the contact details of the co-ordinators:

Chris Larkman, 25 Bronson Road 8542 0612 / 07950 642550

Clare Gummett, 25 Bronson Road 8542 0612 / 07944 495944

Jill Cooper, 11 Bronson Road 8545 0666 / 07983 729238

information leaflet
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Bronson Road Street Party to Celebrate the Wedding of Harry & Meghan

Sunday 19 May 2018


The party was a great success!

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